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Why do we do this?

James Bullis, President
James Bullis, President

Stop Living in Chaos

You started a marketing agency because you were passionate about one thing and before you know it you found yourself trying to do everything to serve your client. I think that's pretty common in our industry. We want to serve our client so much that we never want to ask for help and so we end up doing things that don't come very natural to us. It's even tougher when your client throws money at you.

Marketing agencies fall into the trap of doing everything. That's how I got started in this business. I joined a marketing agency in 2006 who were using websites as a loss leader to sell Internet marketing packages. The problem? They were drowning in websites and couldn't keep up. When I took over, I used my experience in manufacturing to turn 135 websites in one year. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from that.

Since then, I have run into a number of agencies that are in the same situation. They have one developer working 80 hours a week and can't keep up with demand. But they can't get any work done because they are in meetings all day. They have to constantly answer to account managers. It's nothing but chaos.

Agency life doesn't have to be a firehose. Let us help.

Statement of Value

Ventin enables marketing agency owners to experience the peace of mind that their client’s website needs are being taken care of while they focus on growing their marketing business.

Our Core Values

We believe in being Efficient, Teachable, Honest, Intentional, Consistent and Simple. Above all else we strive to operate with a high sense of Ethics.

Our Mantra

Build simple websites that kick ass.

We Build Smart Websites

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