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LinkedIn Not Working For You? You’re Doing It Wrong.

What if I told you that you are settling for less when it comes to LinkedIn? I used to see a lot of complaints on LinkedIn about how it was turning into Facebook and how people were using the wrong medium. Not anymore. Want to know how? I started to think of LinkedIn as an…

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An Outdated Website Could Be Costing You Business

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it is outdated and could be costing you business. Why? What’s changed? Google’s bots continually crawl the internet, from link to link, indexing websites, and pages along the way. Google uses complicated algorithms to decide which sites it likes best. We are aware of some of the factors Google considers as…

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We All Need Each Other’s Small Business

I am going to admit something to you that I am very embarrassed to talk about. I think I am smart when it comes to building websites, creating online marketing plans, and helping people get results for their business online. But I am now ready to admit that when it comes to a lot of…

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How To Attract Amazing Prospects Through Blogging

Have you heard me talk about the four ACES? I learned them from Tony D. Baker while working in my first job in the industry at Xeal. It made a little bit of sense to me then but I understand all the steps now and how each part is important. The four ACES are: Attract…

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Entrepreneurs: You Need To Speak Up Or Starve!

I am an introvert. That’s why my relationship with computers is a perfect match. My computer never judges me. My computer never plots against me. At least that is what I think. I think I am an introvert. But as soon as I quit my job to follow my entrepreneurial dreams, I realized, even as…

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Stop Wasting Money On Your New Business

I’m going to tell you this story about a budding “entrepreneur” and some common mistakes. Then I am going to give you some suggestions below. Let’s get started. This is a story about Tom. Tom is a middle-aged guy who’s been working in his industry for nearly 20 years. There’s not much about his industry that…

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