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“Full Service Agencies” Are a Myth

By James Bullis

Multitasking is a myth. This is hard to believe for someone who believes they are a multitasker. Multitaskers are addicted to the lie that they are somehow more productive because they multitask. But the truth is that they simply don’t have the focus to be truly productive. I believe the same thing is true for…

Save 50-70% of your remarketing budget with one simple fix

By James Bullis

Placing a pixel on your site to remarket and retarget your website visitors is one of the smartest things you can possibly do with your website. This is especially true if you spend any money on advertising to send traffic to your website. There is no need to lose out on any potential prospects who…

LinkedIn not working for you? You’re doing it wrong.

By James Bullis

What if I told you that you are settling for less when it comes to LinkedIn? I used to see a lot of complaints on LinkedIn about how it was turning into Facebook and how people were using the wrong medium. Not anymore. Want to know how? I started to think of LinkedIn as an…

An Outdated Website Could Be Costing You Business

By James Bullis

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it is outdated and could be costing you business. Why? What’s changed? Google’s bots continually crawl the internet, from link to link, indexing websites and pages along the way. Google uses complicated algorithms to decide which sites it likes best. We are aware of some of the factors Google considers as it…

The Top 10 Dangers of Cheap Websites

By James Bullis

In the competitive world of web development, there is a growing number of self-professed “web designers” who make a living by building cheap websites for new business owners. Unfortunately, many budget-conscious new business owners are lured by the prospect of a cheap website, and fail to carefully evaluate their web designer. Below are the top 10…