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Who Are You?

If you’ve made it this far then it’s time to start building your identity.  That usually includes a few things. Again, if you’re already in business then you can probably skip this step. But it wouldn’t hurt for you to go through and review the steps to make sure you’ve hit all of the bases.…

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It’s Time To Name That Business

If you already have a business name then this step is going to be fairly easy.  It’s time to start coming up with the name of your online presence. When choosing a name for your business, the task to find that name as a domain name can be daunting. But what most business owners don’t…

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What Does It Take To Get Your Business Online?

Every business needs a website.  Want to start a new business? The first test is whether or not you can have the discipline to get your website up. Your website is the equivalent of putting your shingle out there and telling the world that you are open for business. Why? Because we have access to…

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