Do you build eLearning websites?

Do you build eLearning websites?

Our most favorite clients to work with are subject matter experts. In fact, the name Ventin came from the idea that we would work with authors and coaches and trainers and mentors and take their knowledge and upload it into their own membership site with an elearning component.

We worked a few years ago on a program called Mentor Fish. It was highly successful. We worked with a subject matter expert who had great content and an audience that was ready to buy it.

You may be asking yourself, do we do elearnings sites? We do. We have a developer license for LearnDash that is a great platform to upload content to for your audience that wants to learn more from your subject matter expert.

If you have a client that’s an author or a coach or a trainer, we can go in and set up classes. They can do the classes for free, so they can offer as a lead magnet. Or they can actually do a paid class. A lot of times these people are going to be onstage in front of an audience and it’s a great offer to say, “Listen, if you like what I’m talking about, then you can opt in and get a free learning class.” You tell them to go to the website and register and then we can get them into a class that gets the ball rolling to sell them into something bigger on down the road.

If you’re interested in doing a learning site, again, it’s an additional charge on top of your base website, but we love doing projects like that. Just let us know if you’re interested in doing something like that.




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