Can we provide our own designs?

Can we provide our own designs?

If you’re an agency, chances are you probably have graphic designers that work for you, so you may be asking yourself, “Well, what if we had the designs, but we just need you to convert them, will you work with us?” Yes, we will work with you. We have agencies that, they have graphic designers that can work with the client to get the exact design that they want, they just don’t have the developers to be able to take care of converting those sites into WordPress sites, or converting those designs into WordPress sites.

And so, if you have graphic designers, and you have the designs ready, we will gladly take those and convert those. We will handcraft them into a WordPress site just for your client, and what we’ll do is, we just bypass the design phase and give you a discount on your website project. So, if you have the designs, send them our way, we’ll be happy to take care of those for you.


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James Bullis

James Bullis is a marketing technologist based out of Jenks, OK. Ever since he taught himself how to code HTML from a borrowed book and no computer, he has been on a mission to help other people create amazing websites that get results. He loves working with clients who make an impact on the world especially small business people, speakers, and influencers.