Case Studies


When we were introduced to this project, Gary’s website was not exactly star quality.

Not only did it not look great but someone was using this website to send traffic to visitors to some weird links. They had placed links at the bottom to send traffic to some shady websites. In fact, we couldn’t even tell that this was the official website for Gary Busey. Plus, Gary had no control of his own website.


The Challenge

Goal to Create Great Looking Website

We knew that we needed to help Gary with a great looking website that showcased his career in acting while also promoting his new book, his latest projects, and other ways to connect with his fans.


The Process

Research and Design for a Best Layout and Structure

We started right away to research and design a great looking website that would appeal to his fans. We used imagery from some of Gary’s favorite movies to showcase his work.

The Solution

Building the Great Website

We built Gary a great looking website on WordPress. This allows us to quickly update the site with any new content about upcoming projects and media appearances.

The Results

Achieving Our Primary Goal

Today, Gary has a great looking website that truly looks legit while also working seamlessly on mobile devices where he gets 75% of his traffic which has doubled since going live.

Before We Started

8 Years

$37,400 Cost

60,900 Clicks

1.11% Click Through Rate

124 Conversions - $300 per conversion

Average of 1 Conversion Per Month

After We Started

6 Years

$27,700 Cost

132,000 Clicks

2.72 Click Through Rate

2480 Conversions - $11.17 per conversion

Average 34 Conversion Per Month

Then We Shut Off The Ads..

3 Years

0 Cost

19,846 Visitors

1510 Unique Leads

Average 25 Unique Leads per Month - $0

Other Case Studies


Learning Unlimited

After implementing this solution, we were able to greatly reduce the workload for Learning Unlimited. This customer can now basically make these purchases fully automated.


Harwelden Mansion

Harwelden was able to completely sell out of this event generating about $15,000 in revenue for the venue.