Case Studies


Harwelden Mansion is a historical mansion in Tulsa Oklahoma that offers a number of different opportunities for people to enjoy the property including tours, events, and even a bed and breakfast.


The Challenge

Find the Easiest Way to Promote

Harwelden Mansion wanted an easy way to promote and sell tickets to a Mother’s Day brunch. The problem is that they wanted a way to sell tickets to three different times with a limited seating capacity.


The Process

Research and Design for a Best Layout and Structure

We researched ways to use their existing technology that we already built for them in order to come up with a solution. In this case we were already using an integrated ticketing system and e-commerce solution. We researched how we can use this technology to get the result that we wanted.

The Solution

Building the Great Website

We quickly came up with a way to offer three different times for the event and present them on a single landing page. This made it really easy for them to promote the event. Customers were able to select the best time for them and complete their purchase on the Harwelden website.

The Results

Achieving Our Primary Goal

Harwelden was able to completely sell out of this event generating about $15,000 in revenue for the venue. We were also able to use what we learned for this challenge to create an easy to replicate system for any future events that Harwelden wants to promote like their monthly tours and afternoon teas.

Other Case Studies


Learning Unlimited

After implementing this solution, we were able to greatly reduce the workload for Learning Unlimited. This customer can now basically make these purchases fully automated.


Wil-Med Global

Wil-Med Global went from spending about $5,000 a year for Google advertising and getting an average of 15 leads per year to spending absolutely nothing and generating 25 unique leads a month.