Do you offer refunds?

Do you offer refunds?

This is a tough question. Do you offer refunds? Well, you’re a marketing agency. Do you offer refunds? Probably not. You know, when you work in the creative industry, you really can’t offer refunds for work that’s been done. We don’t offer refunds. However, when we give you how much the pricing is, we split that up into three payments. Those three payments are due through each of our milestones. So you’re going to make a payment, a deposit, in order to get a design done, and if at any point through those milestones you decide that you’re not happy with the service and you want to just stop that project, then we can stop it. We don’t have to take the remaining payments. But we can’t give you a refund on the work that’s already been done. We don’t do refunds, and that’s why we have those milestone payments in place.

Now, if it’s something that you made the deposit and we haven’t really done the work, then we’ll take your payment and we’ll apply it as a credit to future work and future services. It’s in our terms and conditions, we just do not offer refunds whatsoever because we have to use that money in order to pay our team and get the projects working. The short answer is, no. We don’t offer refunds. If you really want a refund, you should really think about this: Do you offer refunds? Do you expect a personal trainer to give you a refund after he’s worked you out all over the place? It just doesn’t happen. We just don’t offer refunds, but we have protections in place that benefit you.



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