Do You Build E-Commerce Websites?

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By James Bullis | September 24, 2021

Sometimes your business will need an e-commerce solution, and so you may be wondering if we do e-commerce sites? Well, the answer is yes. It really just depends on what your business needs.

If you are just selling services or just a few products, we can probably take care of that with a couple of different solutions that we have. If you only have one thing that they’re going to sell, we can probably sell that through a simple form with a payment capture method for a few hundred bucks.

If you have a few products, let’s say less than 100 products, then we can go ahead and set up WooCommerce. If they have more products than that, we can set it up and then train you in how to go in there and add more products and manage the store. We can do e-commerce websites, we just charge an additional $1,500 fee for the setup, and then we train you how to go in there and finish it up.

Now, if have hundreds of products and need a bigger solution, I probably wouldn’t recommend using WordPress for that solution, and probably push more towards the Magento option or Shopify would probably be good, or any other options out there. These solutions are going to start around the $30K range.

But if you have a few products, or just want to sell one thing on their website, we could definitely accommodate that with an e-commerce solution.

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