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By James Bullis | September 24, 2021

Some people ask us what themes we use. If you know WordPress, you know one of the powerful features of WordPress is the use of themes. There’s a lot of great places out there where you can buy themes. There are iThemes, Theme Forest, Elegant Themes, just great places where you can go and buy themes. In fact, I’ve probably purchased the 10 most popular themes on Theme Forest, like Avada or Enfold. But there’s a big huge problem with using themes. We can’t streamline our process when we use a different theme for every project.

What we do is we don’t actually use any of those themes. That’s why we custom design every one of the websites that we do at Ventin. We use Beaver Builder as a framework. It’s a page builder. If you’re used to using Visual Composer or Divi, it’s similar to that, but we think it’s really lightweight, better for SEO, and it comes with a boilerplate theme that we can build on top of. It keeps the theme real lightweight and really easy to use for our customers, and makes it really easy for us to do our process.

Think about it this way: if you buy a different theme for every customer, even if you buy those themes where you can do a hundred different variations, but you have to go in and learn that theme every single time you get a new theme or a new feature, so we don’t want to do that. That’s why we custom design and we use the Beaver Builder platform.

Then you have problems like Avada last year. Avada did an upgrade to their code base and actually broke a ton of websites. If they updated to the latest version without using a script, all their websites were actually broken. The year before that, Enfold, which is another popular theme, upgraded or didn’t upgrade to the latest jQuery, so when WordPress decided to update to the latest jQuery, they didn’t keep updated and it broke a lot of sites.

We find that by sticking with one platform, one base theme, doing custom designs, that we can prevent those problems because you don’t want you to take time away from your business when your website is broken. We don’t use themes, we use Beaver Builder.

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