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By James Bullis | November 6, 2021

Why Your Business Should Be Using Landing Pages

Hey business owners, if you run any kind of advertising or marketing campaigns to your website, then you want to make sure that you’re using a great landing page. That’s specifically for that campaign. If you have any kind of offer that you want to offer to your customers, you want to create a single page that’s geared specifically for that offer for the customers you’re going to be sending that way. So in this video, I’m going to teach you how to take your website to the next level by simply adding in landing pages. Hey, there my name is James Bullis.

I’ve been a web designer for over 20 years, and I own Ventin Web Solutions, where we try to help business owners and solopreneurs be able to take advantage of technology that can improve their business. If you’re new here, be sure to like, subscribe, and hit that bell so that you can be notified whenever we put out new tips just like this one.

So the first question you’re probably asking yourself is What is a landing page? A landing page is simply a single page on your website that’s built for a specific offer. Typically, when you get on these landing pages, they don’t have any kind of navigation for you to go to any other page on the website. The goal is to lock in visitors on that page, and you want them to try to consume as much of that page as possible and then either give you their contact information or purchase the offer right there on that page.

Now, this is only going to work if you only offer them one thing on that page. And typically, what they will have to do is they will have to scroll down the entire page to either. Yes, I’m in, or maybe a button that says no, that will take them back to the main page.

But another interesting hack that you can do is if they say they’re not interested, you might be able to send them to another landing page with a different offer. If you’ve ever used GoDaddy any time you check out.

They’re always offering you another product at every step of the way. And typically, they’ll offer you different products three different times before they’ll finally stop. Now, I’m not saying you have to go that far, but let me explain a case study where we used a landing page to help one of my customers save thousands of dollars on their ad budgets. Before I started working with this customer, they were spending $500 a month to send traffic to their home page. And that’s pretty typical. A lot of times when I see Google ads and Google search results, they’re pointing to a home page instead of to a specific page or a specific offer.

So they ran these ads to their home page for about three years, spending $500 a month and only getting about one lead a month. But to them, it was completely worth it because the average sale was five to six figures.

Once I took over their ad campaign, I started figuring out who their customers were and what it was that they wanted. Once I understood these concepts, I was able to create a single page that told them everything that they wanted to know on that page.

Then I took their ads and I pointed the ads directly at that page. What end up happening is for $500 a month, we were generating over 100 leads a month. And the great thing about it is we only need to close about one or two of those every month to make a sizable profit.

Could you imagine going from only one lead a month to 100 leads a month? It gets even better, though, because what we ended up doing was we ended up turning off the ads altogether while we were running those ads at $500 a month to generate those leads.

We were working on the website to build up their organic search engine optimization, and as traffic picked up on those, we were able to start turning off the ads and still generating about the same amount of leads for exactly $0.

So as you can see, using a landing page with a marketing campaign is a great way for you to maximize the value of your advertising dollars. So why are landing pages a great idea? Well, one. It focuses the attention of the visitor on that particular page.

And as you could tell from the story I just told you, is a great way to maximize your advertising. Dollars and great examples of landing pages are for lead magnets or tripwires, lead magnets, or small bribes that you can give in exchange for someone’s email address and tripwires or small, low commitment offers.

Will they pay for something that’s really dirt cheap, but also gives them a lot of value? And basically, these are steps that you use to start building a relationship. First, you build some trust by educating your prospect, and then with the tripwire, you’re able to get them to get into the mindset of paying you money. So when you combine landing pages with these marketing tactics, you’ll be able to generate more leads to help improve your business. So what makes a great landing page? We already talked about how it has a single focus on the page.

And oftentimes it doesn’t have navigation to allow people to leave the page. Typically, you’ll have your logo at the top, so when they click on their logo, it will take them out to the home page. But all the other navigation has been stripped away.

To create a great landing page, you need to have a basic understanding of copywriting, and copywriting is simply reaching out for a response from your visitors by informing them about your product on this page and how it can help them solve their problems.

If you’re using the landing page for a purchase, you want to make sure you have an integrated payment system on your website to make it easy for your prospects to pay you money for this offer. And of course, to fulfill the offers, you need to collect their information.

Information like their name, phone number, and email address is important so that you can follow up with them and continue to educate them more about other offers that you have. So you must integrate this landing page with an email marketing system so that you can collect the information and then create other campaigns to keep inviting them back to your website to learn more about you. So the next time you plan out a marketing campaign, whether it’s with a paid advertisement or any other kind of marketing, you want to make sure that you’re focusing all the attention on a single focused landing page.

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Have a great day.


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