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By James Bullis | November 6, 2021

Your Business Website Is More Powerful Than You Think

As a business owner, you understand the difference between assets and liabilities in your business. And in this video, I’m going to tell you that your website for your business is more powerful than you think. If you think of your website as an expense or a liability, you’re looking at it the wrong way.

In this video, I’m going to tell you three different ways that you should be using your website to supercharge your business. So stick around so I can show you how to take your simple brochure website and turn it into a mega marketing machine.

Hey, there, my name is James Bullis. I’ve been a web designer for over 20 years and I own Ventin Web Solutions, where we try to help business owners and solopreneurs be able to take advantage of technology that can help improve their business.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of business owners, just like you, be able to plan, produce and launch their business websites. But it always saddens me when I get people who want just a simple brochure website because your website can do so much more to help build your business.

The purpose of a website is not to just be there and do nothing. You want to use a website that is interactive with visitors so that you can start to capture their information, educate them about your solutions and be able to sell your products and services, and most importantly, something that most people don’t think about is that a great website that can help you build more assets to increase the value of your business.

Let’s get started.

Number one, the first way that you can supercharge your website is to put in some things to capture leads.

If you think people are going to just go to your contact form and fill it out so that they can buy from you, you’re probably going to be wrong because I guarantee you you’re going to get more people trying to sell you stuff your contact form than anything else.

Instead, when somebody comes to your website, it’s an opportunity for you to offer them a small bribe, a bribe that’s high in value, but you can get it in exchange for just their email address. It needs to be valuable enough that that person will consider inviting you into their inbox.

Those bribes are what we call lead magnets. Lead magnets are often something that can be downloaded and can be easily replicated so that you’re not creating new offers all the time. Once you have a proper lead magnet, you can connect that to an email marketing system so that you’re constantly getting those leads and then sending them out more information so that you can educate them about their problem and how you solve it with your products and services. Another great way that you can capture lead information is to set up a system on your website to allow your prospects to schedule a call with you.

You can typically do this through third-party software that’s then integrated into your website that gives them full access to a schedule that you allow them to go in and set up a call. When they go and set that call-up, they’re going to give you their name, phone number, and you can even add in additional information like their website and ask additional questions like “How do you think we can help you today?”

Your website’s already there explaining how you can help them, but by capturing the information that allows them to raise their hand and say that they are interested in learning more about your products and services.

The second way that you can supercharge your website into a mega marketing machine is to use it to educate your prospects. Educating your prospects is the fastest way to build trust and get them to decide in their mind that they want to do business with you.

The easiest way that you can educate your prospects is by creating media that answers common questions that your customers ask you all the time. If you find yourself answering the same questions over and over and over again with your prospects on the phone, you might have an opportunity to go and create a blog post or a video that answers those specific questions.

Because if one person has that question, chances are every one of your prospects has those same questions. So to get started, you can go and just write down the top 20 questions that people ask you all the time.

Here’s a little secret I’m doing this right now on this video. Once you have the questions, you can simply answer them by either writing them out and creating blogs, or you can record them like videos just like this one.

You can even have a special category in your blog specifically for these frequently asked questions. But you must post these things so that you have a link on your website that you can send people to when they ask you these questions.

It’s going to save you a lot of time, build trust and help them get to know you before you ever even talk to them. All right now we’re at our third way that you can turn your brochure website into a mega marketing machine.

But this is going to go deeper than that, because not only are you going to be able to use the data that you’re collecting from your website to market to your customers, but you’re also going to be building.

What is called digital assets, just like every other asset in your business? Digital assets are real assets that you can use to improve the valuation of your business. The number one digital asset that every business owner should be using is collecting an email list.

When you do everything that we’ve discussed already, you’re going to be collecting this information, including people’s names and their email addresses. And over time, you’re going to have a long list of email addresses of people who have invited you into their inbox, giving you permission to email them again.

This allows you to be able to send out regular updates so that you can inform your prospects and your customers about any kind of opportunities that they can have to work with your business. There’s another technical way that you can build another digital asset using your website, and that’s called pixels audiences.

Every social media platform that’s available today allows you to create a pixel that you can then place onto your website. You can even use other marketing systems like Google Ads to create a Pixel and put that on your website as well.

So what happens is when somebody comes to your website and they look at your website, those pixels will place a cookie in their browser. And what that will allow you to do is to be able to collect all of those faceless visitors to your website and be able to target them with specific advertising based on their behavior on your website.

And of course, as you’re doing all of these things, you should be collecting data, whether it’s through the pixel audience, through analytics, you want to be able to see how well your website is performing based on data so that you can make adjustments and increase your power on your website.

There are so many ways that you can use your website to automate your business processes. And so if we take these steps to be able to capture leads, educate your prospects and then create digital assets, your website is going to do more for your business than ever before.

Hey, if you’re ready to take the next step to take your simple brochure website and turn it into a mega marketing machine, and you can get started by clicking the link in the description below. With that link, I offer you what I call my winning website plan.

It’s a five-step plan that will allow you to be able to plan out your website before you hire your web design agency. Once you go through these steps, whatever agency you hire is going to absolutely love you.

So be sure to get out there and ramp up the power of your business website today. Have a great day!

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