Do you offer ongoing maintenance?

Do you offer ongoing maintenance?

If you haven’t been to our website, you may not know that we also offer ongoing website maintenance.

Now your client has just invested a lot of money in getting this professional website built for their business, and what they really need to consider now that they’ve launched their website, is that they need to protect that investment. With our ongoing website services, we keep the software up to date, which keeps the site secure. We also install secure plug-ins, we have a speed optimizer which caches a site and makes it load a lot faster. There’s just a number of different features that we offer. We even have a pro version where we can provide you with some analytics, and some additional services to help with search engine optimization.

Why is it important for you as an agency to have your customers buy this service? Well, when you’re a digital agency, that website is where you’re going to do all your marketing on, and so it’s important for you to make sure that that website is up, that it’s running, that it works fast, and that it’s there all times so that you can do your work. So if you are going to have your client invest in a website, we strongly recommend that you also get them to sign up for our maintenance plans.




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James Bullis

James Bullis is a marketing technologist based out of Jenks, OK. Ever since he taught himself how to code HTML from a borrowed book and no computer, he has been on a mission to help other people create amazing websites that get results. He loves working with clients who make an impact on the world especially small business people, speakers, and influencers.