Do you offer hosting?

Do you offer web hosting?

We offer the websites and we offer the ongoing support, but do we offer the hosting? The website needs a place to be on in order to be broadcast to the internet, and hosting is a very important component to any web development project.

In the past, we have offered hosting where we took care of everything, but in the last few months we couldn’t find a product that we liked to serve all of our clients, so we’ve actually been sending our clients to SiteGround for them to go and set up their own account.

I think in the next coming months we’re going to be switching to a brand new platform to where we will actually offer the hosting as part of the maintenance subscription. It’s going to be a great new benefit to all of our maintenance subscribers to be able to get that hosting included.

Now the new server platform that we’re going to be using is using the latest software so the websites are going to run fast. You’re going to be able to get SSL certificates for free, which is really important in this day and age of privacy. That SSL, even if the client doesn’t necessarily do e-commerce, they’re going to want that SSL certificate to protect their visitors’ information on there. It just really adds more to the trust factor.

It’s going to be really great. We’re really looking forward to that rollout, but that’s not going to be available for a couple more months. In the meantime, we’re going to recommend SiteGround to any of your clients who do need hosting for their website.




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James Bullis

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