Business Trainers

Companies pay you the big bucks to come in and fix problems. Whether it's sales training, leadership training, technical training, you are the big hitter they call in to fix their problem. Can I ask you a few questions? How do they find you? Are they looking for you online? Do you get a lot of referrals? What happens when you finish training and leave?

If you are a business trainer and you rely on your knowledge and expertise to make a living then your online presence should do everything it can to keep lining you up with new opportunities. If you want to keep the opportunities to train rolling in then you have to make sure that you are available and discoverable online.

How does Ventin help business trainers?

When we work with Business trainers, we start by looking at their overall business. Who is your audience? What solution do you solve for your market? Is your market looking for your solution? We then build an online presence that attracts your ideal customer to your website. We include tools to be able to capture their information so that you can connect with them and communicate directly.

As a trainer, you should have an endless amount of content to educate your prospects. You don't have to give away your trade secrets, but you can provide a lot of value. This helps develop mindshare and sets you up as a thought leader. That term gets thrown around a lot but becoming a thought leader means building a relationship with your audience and it sets you apart from other experts in your field.

The purpose of any business is to get customers

Finally, we also make sure that you can sell your products and services online. We help take your potential customers on a journey that results in customers. That journey is marketing and doesn't end at the sale. It follows all the way through fulfillment and carries on for the life of the relationship. Marketing takes prospects from a before state and transforms them to an after state.

Would you like to get more leads?

Tell us your story and let's find out if we can help your business generate more leads for your sales team. Stop throwing money away on "hope marketing". You know, "I hope we get some leads." Put a process in place to capture your leads so that you can get on doing what you love.