Professional Speakers

Professional speakers are easy to be looked up to. You find them speaking at a local event or at a keynote of a conference. A lot of times they are a trainer or life coach of some sort. They specialize in one good thing and they are the best in the world at that subject. Professional speakers are born out of a sense to impact the world with their message.

If you are a professional speaker then this likely sounds like you. The better you get, the more sought after you become and you begin to command larger speaking fees. Your business, however, becomes reliant on your presence. If you get sick or can't make an appearance then you don't get paid. If you show up and don't blow it out of the water, your perceived value goes down.

What do you do when you can't physically speak?

I love professional speakers and what I can do for them. It's not just about getting them a website. Sure, your online presence as a professional speaker has to be top notch. That's because when your keynote is announced, people are going to research you and determine your credibility. More importantly, when you complete your speaking engagement, the audience is going to research you and see how they can get more of what you just served up.

Are you ready to give them something?

Most speakers will sell their book or audio series at the back of the room but what most audiences want is access. Look at every giant in the speaking industry and they have books, podcasts, blogs and now more than ever, they have a members only area. What can this mean for your business as a professional speaker? Recurring revenue.

Your audience is ready to pay a premium to be able to have closer access and be able to get your expertise on demand. Does your platform support that?

Would you like to get more leads?

Tell us your story and let's find out if we can help your business generate more leads for your sales team. Stop throwing money away on "hope marketing". You know, "I hope we get some leads." Put a process in place to capture your leads so that you can get on doing what you love.