My Event Needs More People

Do you have events? Speaking engagements? Training sessions? Just any kind of event? How do you promote your event? What is the path that you want people to take in order to sign up for your event? What if you are unknown in the market? What kind of plan do you have in place to ensure the success of your event?

Planning an Event Should Include Promoting It

I get asked to attend events every day. These events vary from local networking meetings, community engagements or training sessions. Events are happening every day. If you think marketing your business is hard with all of the competition, try marketing an event.

There are characteristics I see in events that are promoted properly and events that are promoted poorly. Really it's the same as marketing any other business aspect. An event is usually part of a larger marketing effort. It all comes down to the customer journey.

What journey is your customer taking?

When you are promoting an event, you have to make sure that everyone that is involved is on the same page. How are you going to get the word out? Where are your attendees going to register? I've seen events that were promoted on an online venue where you can't even buy tickets. Or an event where the purpose of the event isn't exactly clear.

Would you like to get more leads?

Tell us your story and let's find out if we can help your business generate more leads for your sales team. Stop throwing money away on "hope marketing". You know, "I hope we get some leads." Put a process in place to capture your leads so that you can get on doing what you love.