My Online Presence Doesn’t Work

When most people think about doing business online, they usually think about a couple of things. It really depends on what they are capable of doing and what they can afford. Most people start by putting together a Facebook page. They are already on Facebook and they can get around that just fine. Plus it's free. So, when they come up with a business idea, they put it there first.

If they are a little bit savvier then they may jump in and set up their own little website using Squarespace or Wix. No problem. In fact, I encourage people to try their hand at a website before they even hire a web developer. The one thing that most people don't think about is their Total Online Presence.

Your Online Presence is Not Just Your Website

Digital Marketing has certainly become more complicated in recent years. There are now huge networks that allow you to be able to reach out to potential customers. But to be effective in doing business online, you have to think about your total online presence.

Your website is the hub and the foundation of your entire business online. It is the mouth of your sales funnel. This is the place where you will capture leads and convert prospects into customers. All of your other efforts online serve to attract traffic to your site which will then serve as the trap.

Your Online Presence is an Effective Lure to Getting Customers

To be effective you have to be present in the market. You have to understand the audience that is available on each network. Your brand has to be consistent across the board while also catering to the specific audience. This involves creating content and most importantly, it means being consistent.

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