My Sales Team is Starving

Tell me if this sounds like you. You've been in business for years. You are established in the community. You are really good at what you do. You spend money on advertising to attract the right people. You have a sales team and they are getting sick and tired of cold calling potential prospects. The phone book just isn't cutting it anymore.

Is your sales team starving for leads?

They know that if they can't get leads and convert them, they aren't going to eat. But they trudge along. You think it must be a training issue so you send them to get sales training. They come back and still they can't perform.

Would it help to get them more leads?

I have a client that I worked with who was paying $500 a month in advertising to get people to come to his website. He was paying a lot of money just to get someone to click on his ad and send them to the home page of his site. The problem was that when the traffic got there, they had no way of capturing any of the potential leads. Most of his traffic was coming from overseas so they had no way of calling in.

After, taking a look at this we made a few adjustments. The first thing we did was overhaul the website and gave it the ability to be able to capture contact information from the traffic being sent. Once we fixed that problem, our client wasn't throwing away money every month.

The next thing we did was work on his advertising campaign. He was paying over a dollar every time someone clicked on his link. We were able to get his clicks down to just sixteen cents per click. This gave him five times more traffic. He went from getting just a few leads a month to almost 100 every month.

Would you like to get more leads?

Tell us your story and let's find out if we can help your business generate more leads for your sales team. Stop throwing money away on "hope marketing". You know, "I hope we get some leads." Put a process in place to capture your leads so that you can get on doing what you love.