What is your process?

What is your process?

If you work with any kind of web developers at all, then our process is pretty typical. Before we begin, we have a questionnaire that we’ll send you. What the purpose of that questionnaire is, it’s not just to figure out what kind of design styles that your client wants, we also want to understand who their audience is because when we build the website, we want to build to their audience. It’s going to help you with your digital marketing, and it’s going to help them with their business because it’s going to be something that their audience is going to respond to.

We have an information gathering phase where we basically figure out what needs to be in the website, how it needs to look, and all that. Once we have that phase completed, then we go ahead and start with the design phase. Basically, we get your brief, we take a look at it, and we start building or designing a home page design. From that home page design, we’ll give you a mock-up to look at, and we’ll take any feedback that you and your clients have and make adjustments to that. Once you approve that home page design, then we’ll go ahead and do the inside pages.

We typically do like a generic inside page, maybe a single blog post page, a blog archive page, and a contact us page. Sometimes you may have an additional page that you want to be designed, and we can do that. That’s the design phase. We take a deposit for the design phase, and then for the next phase, is the development phase. Once you’ve approved all of the designs, then we take those designs, give them to our developer, and he starts converting them into your custom Word Press site. He’ll do that. He’ll do the home page, all the inside pages, and then we have a project manager that will go and grab all the content from an existing site and start building the website out and just really polishing it up and getting it ready. We take a payment to go into the development mode.

Then the last step is we launch the site. Once your client is ready to go, and we’ve determined whether or not they’re going to go with the maintenance package and what kind of hosting they need. Then we get it ready to go to launch, and we launch the website, and we take our final payment at that point. Our process is we gather the information, then we go to design, and then we go to development, and then we launch the website.



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James Bullis

James Bullis is a marketing technologist based out of Jenks, OK. Ever since he taught himself how to code HTML from a borrowed book and no computer, he has been on a mission to help other people create amazing websites that get results. He loves working with clients who make an impact on the world especially small business people, speakers, and influencers.