Is this a white label service?

Is this a white label service?

A question that we get is: “Is this a white label service?”. I’ve toyed around with the idea of calling it a white label service. There is pros and cons for both us as a provider and you as an agency on whether or not we call it a white label service. The way this relationship is going to work is you are going to have to sell the website. You’re going to have to handle all the information gathering and serve as an intermediary. It’s up to you whether or not you tell the client that you’re outsourcing to us or that you’ve partnered with the best web development team that’s going to provide them with a professional website. That’s totally up to you on how you want to market it.

On the other hand too, we don’t want to call it a white label service because some of the projects we’re going to work on we want to be able to brag about. When we do the website projects sometimes we might want to brag about some of the brands that we worked with. If we call this a white label service we’re not going to be able to do that. Of course, at some point, if we do ongoing website maintenance we may have to interact with your client to some degree in order to help them out.

I would say it’s not a white label service but then it’s really up to you and how you present it to your clients. We’re just there in the background ready to build websites but if it’s a really great brand or we do a really great design we want to be able to brag about it and share that with people. We won’t tell them who the agency was for but sometimes who the agency was but we may want to show off some of the work we do.



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