Will you build on our themes?

Will you build on our themes?

Sometimes we get agencies that ask us, “Will you build on our theme?” So they’ve gone a theme force and they’ve probably purchased Avada or Enfold or X Theme or they want to build on Divi or another theme. In another video we talked about how we don’t really build on themes, we build on the Beaver Builder framework, which is a boilerplate theme that we can build our custom designs on.

So if you have another theme that you want us to build on, we’re going to have to pass, even if you want us to build the custom designs on Divi. The reason being is because our team is trained to use the platforms that we have, and we want to be able to work as quickly and as efficiently as possible, so if you want to build on another theme then we probably aren’t going to be the right partner for you. We have a process and we want to make sure we follow that so that we can take care of all of our clients and really put out a good product.

If you’re not familiar with Beaver Builder, I strongly recommend that you check them out. It’s a solid piece of software, really great for SEO, very lightweight, has a really easy-to-use page builder, and we can build really great looking websites on that platform. If you’re interested in learning more about our process or you want to see how we do things, then be sure and reach out to us. Fill out a partner application and we can talk to you more about that. Talk to you soon.



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