Will you refer us to your customers?

Will you refer us to your customers?

I start work, reaching out to different marketing agencies or marketing consultants, the common thing that I hear from a lot of you is, “Yeah, we’ll refer people to you, and you can refer people to us.” Well, I can’t. Here’s the thing. Our customers are other marketing agencies, so we can’t actually refer anybody back to you.

The value that we bring to you is that you don’t have to have the headache of building a website. You don’t have to have the headache of worrying about how your client is going to get to your website and how it’s going to be maintained. We are providing a service to you, as an agency, for your client. We’re only doing that for other agencies or consultants or things like that. We don’t have anybody to refer back to you. I’m sorry about that, but that’s just how it is.

Now, if I know of somebody who could benefit you, I might send them your way, but I can’t refer anybody to one particular marketing agency because I’ve got to make it fair for everybody. If you’re wanting a relationship built on mutual referrals, it’s not going to work out, but if you want to make more money selling marketing services because you don’t have to worry about websites, then you definitely want to refer your clients to us or buy the websites from us directly.



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James Bullis

James Bullis is a marketing technologist based out of Jenks, OK. Ever since he taught himself how to code HTML from a borrowed book and no computer, he has been on a mission to help other people create amazing websites that get results. He loves working with clients who make an impact on the world especially small business people, speakers, and influencers.